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123Movies is a pirated website where we will see how to download movies, stream movies online, do we recommend 123Movies, is it safe to download from 123Movies, what is the alternative torrent movie download movie website link and how to use this website free. 123Movies is the best site to watch movies for free. It often offers high and best quality movies available on internet.

123sites that work other than the main website are:

  • 123movies.com
  • 123movies.ia
  • 123movies.in
  • 123movies.mv
  • 123movies.org
  • 123movies.site

123Movies Hindi Movies Download in HD Quality 720p

There are different genres of TV shows and movie that are available on 123Movies. If we talk about some genres then they are: Adventurous, Horror, sci–Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Comedy, politics, crime, family, history, autobiography and many more which have been released in this 2023 year and been released on some online streaming website such as Amazon prime movie, Netflix, Hotstar and many more OTT websites.

How to does 123Movies work

This website has been known as the best website to download pirated movies or series, in Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Telugu or Malayalam. This website offers all the latest HD Movie and series. It is one of the fastest growing piracy websites out there. You will get the link easily and you can download movie smoothly and quickly. To download movies from 123Movies follow these steps:

  1. Type the url of the website and go to the home page.
  2. Press the title button, and it will take you to a page where you will be shown a list of movies and genres.
  3. Open the movie of your choice and click on the download link.
  4. Select the quality you want to download and choose the location where you want to save the movie.

How to download Tamil Movies on 123Movies

First you have to go on the official website https://123movies2023.com/ where you can search movies or series on search bar which is given top on the home page in the website. On the left corner of the website there is a drop-down menu in which the home page of the website is there.

Once you click the drop – down button there is an options of tv shows, movies and series and in that list, you would be directed to the first page of your option chosen where you will be choosing the opted option of movies/series / tv shows available from different OTT on 123Movies.com 2023. These all are available in HD quality, after selecting one option you will be directed to the page where ratings of that shows from IMDB and access along with the quality and the released dates of that shows.

With this you will be given the details or short summary along with the genre, the names of the actors, the director, the country, the duration of the movie, the quality, release date and main IMDB rating of the movie along with some new suggestions of new movie/ series / tv shows released on 123Movies.com 2023.

123Movies Alternative Movie Download Torrent Website Link

Nowadays, 123Movies torrent website is becoming favourite among people to download movies / series / tv shows for free. But government has imposed has some rule to ban this thing so this website is being banned from disturbing free movies to the publics in free. However, we are giving alternative link to download Hollywood / Bollywood / Tollywood movies which are:

  • IBomma 2023
  • IBommaTeluguMovies 2023
  • IsaiDub 2023
  • Isaimini 2023
  • MalluMV 2023
  • MEMovies 2023
  • Mlwbd 2023
  • SdmoviesPoint 2023
  • SFlix 2023
  • SkymoviesHD 2023
  • Jalshamoviez 2023
  • SolarMovie 2023
  • Swatch Series 2023
  • Klwap 2023
  • Jiorockers 2023
  • Khatri Maza 2023
  • 123mkv 2023
  • 1filmy4wap 2023
  • Mp4Moviez 2023
  • 5Movies 2023
  • TodayPk 2023
  • 7Movierulz 2023
  • Tamil Play 2023
  • Tamil rockers 2023
  • Tamil Yogi 2023
  • Vega movies 2023
  • 8Movierulz 2023
  • Yomovies 2023
  • 1Tamilmv 2023
  • 2Movierulz 2023
  • Filmy Meet 2023
  • 4Movierulz 2023
  • 5Movierulz 2023
  • All Movies for You 2023
  • Bolly4u 2023
  • Bolly flix 2023
  • Madras rockers 2023
  • Desire Movies 2023
  • 3Movierulz 2023
  • Afilmywap 2023
  • 123movies 2023
  • Tamil Blasters 2023
  • Movies nation 2023
  • Tamil Gun 2023
  • Worldfree4u 2023
  • Dvd Play 2023
  • Filmy Hit 2023
  • Filmy4wap 2023
  • Filmy God 2023
  • Download Hub 2023
  • Mkv movies point 2023
  • Filmy Wap 2023
  • Filmy Zilla 2023
  • 9Movies 2023
  • 9xflix 2023
  • Flix Hq 2023
  • Go Movies 2023
  • Go Stream 2023
  • Mkv cinemas 2023
  • Net Naija 2023
  • HDMovie4u 2023
  • HindiLinks4u 2023
  • Kutty Movies 2023
  • Goojara 2023
  • HD Friday 2023
  • FMovies 2023
  • Movierulz 2023
  • Movies4u 2023
  • Movies Da 2023
  • Movies Flix 2023
  • Movie Zwap 2023
  • Movie4me 2023
  • Madras rockers 2023

123 Movies Web Series Download

With downloading movies from 123Movies we can also download different types of web series along with movies like Ullu Web Series download on 123Movies which is an unblocked site. But since this is an illegal pirate movie downloading website so it is necessary to stay away from this kind of website.

If you are not able to get that movie or download that movie from 123Movies.com 2023 you can surf the given website mentioned above and can enjoy free streaming with smooth and quick clicks.

There are some new sites of 123Movies.com 2023

123Movies.com 2023 is a public website to download free movies/series released in this year. It is the best website to download Hollywood dubbed movie, OTT apps series, Bollywood movies, Tollywood movies. But this website has been banned so this website changes their name of their website from time to time and some of the names are given in the table below :

123movies com123moviesfree com
w-123movies.com123movies net
123movies vip123movies in
123movies nl123movies me
123movies org123movies app
123movies movies123movies apk
123movies.to0123movies net
123movies cc123moviessite.one

South Indian Hindi dubbed movie free download from 123 Movies.com 2023

123movies unblocked site is a public torrent website and a popular website for Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood movies/series download. But from now on people can download 123 Movies south Indian hindi dubbed movie according to their choice and preference through this website. According to government law, no organization or an individual can upload pirated movies and software on their websites without the permission of the relevant authorities and those involved in such activity can face up to the 3 years in the jail with this some fine between Rs. 50000 – Rs. 2l. lakhs.

123Movies – Download Latest Movies Free From 123Movie

Download Latest Movies Free From 123Movie

123Movies is an online platform considered to be the top-notch pirated website that provides the latest movies and TV Shows to the site users for free. This website is free to use and renowned all over the world. It scores humongous data from the entire world and is even the perfect video streaming platform in the world. The latest movies will display on the website 123movie very sooner in no time from their date of release. Sometimes often; the videos, movies, and series will come on the platform before their date of release in Theatres officially. However, one can stream the movie on the website online. Most of the users prefer to download the movies instead of streaming them on the website.

One can also download and stream movies in different genres. Moreover, there are different sections displayed on a website like Hollywood, Tollywood, and Bollywood from the 123Movies free online movie streaming sites. This is an outstanding and top-rated website, which enables you to pirate the latest movies, TV Series, and videos across the world. The downloading process for movies and TV series on 123Movies websites free is pretty convenient, and even the first-time user can do it easily. The users have to input the name of the movie in the search bar and select the right movie download. Do not forget to select the quality of video you need. Now download the movie torrent magnet into the torrent application. Hereby there you go and enjoy the movie streaming or the latest movie downloads.

Are 123Movies Sites That Work Safe and Legal?

Undeniably every user needs to know, whether the 123Movies Free Website is a legal and safe option to use or not to download movies, TV Shows and Web Series. Well in most cases, it is illegal to use 123Movies to stream and download in most of the cases. Every country and region has its specific stance on pirating copyrighted content. Most of them try to protect intellectual property by outlawing and downloading copyrighted content. Here some countries allow using hacks 123Movies, but contrary some countries allow using the pirating movies by 123Movies for personal use.

Every country has different rules and regulations and norms for copyrighted content and piracy. Therefore, you must check out the rules of your country before you download anything or use the 123Movie Official Site, Popcorn, Put locker, or Prime wire.

Here we are displaying some general stances on Piracy in different countries:

Pirating is legal or allowed (for personal use)Poland, Switzerland and Spain
Pirating is illegalAustralia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, United States
Pirating is illegal, but individuals are not actively prosecutedArgentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay

It is important to note that there is almost no difference between downloading and streaming copyrighted content. When you stream, you download media and watch it in real-time, only to have it removed from your cache when you leave the page. In that sense, streaming is analogous to downloading a torrent, watching it right away, and then deleting it.

Know About the Legal Consequences Of Using 123Movies Websites Free

When it comes to streaming, not only do local laws differ, but countries also have different penalties if you’re caught streaming illegal content. When the authorities discover that you are downloading copyrighted content in Germany, for example, you face a severe fine, whereas in other countries you may only receive a warning.

It is more difficult to prosecute users of streaming services such as 123Movies Free because no files are left on a user’s computer after watching a stream. Even so, your IP address can easily be used to track you while watching movies.

Not all countries activate themselves to know about people who are using illegal services accordingly to enforce the norms. Authorities frequently go after the people who distribute the content rather than the individual viewers. Indeed, if you are living somewhere where using these websites is prohibited; then you have to compensate with a heavy fine. The attachment will receive in your mail. Check out our article on downloading fines for more information and get spider man no way home 123Movies with high quality.

How To Use 123Movies Safely?

We cannot condone the use of 123 movies in many countries because it is illegal. However, there are some countries where you can use such streaming websites for personal purposes.

While using a 123Movies mirror in countries where it is legal, you must protect yourself from prying eyes, viruses, and malicious website hosts. It is recommended that you use antivirus software and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your data and device while watching movies.

  • Use Of VPN For Streaming

Surfshark is a well-known and reasonably priced VPN service. Reliable VPN services, such as Surfshark, will conceal all of your internet and streaming activities from your ISP and government agencies. It supports an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, allowing you and your entire family to remain anonymous while streaming a 123Movies mirror.

However, keep in mind that downloading and viewing copyrighted content is only permitted in a few countries. Even though a VPN will keep you anonymous online and prevent you from being tracked when using streaming services like 123Movies, you should still follow local laws. If you’re unsure about the rules, seek advice from a local expert.

  • Use Of Anti-Virus Software For Protection

Aside from a VPN, you’ll need an antivirus app to protect yourself from various types of malware. Streaming websites, such as 123Movies, are frequently riddled with dangerous ads, annoying pop-ups, and malicious links. Adware, a computer virus, or even something as heinous as ransomware could infect your device before you know it.

We tested several antivirus solutions and found Norton 360 to be the best. It provides robust security features with high levels of protection, allowing you to stream without fear of computer worms or spyware.

How To Use 123Movies With No Ads?

You can stream and watch movies on 123movies unblocked without any ads or interruptions, which can interfere with your mood swings, convenience, and dependability. This is simple to accomplish by installing an ad blocker on your device, whether it’s your mobile phone or your PC, wherever you want to watch and stream movies from 123movies2023.com. This will disable all unnecessary widgets, apps, and advertisements that appear as pop-up notifications or on your website. Although we assure you that once you visit this website, you will not find a single advertisement or pop-up notification because they have already made this website so neat and clean for the users and convenient, as well as having given it a legal look, of whatever going to be alike.

Legal and Safe 123Movies Alternative

Unfortunately, finding legal free streaming websites is difficult. When it comes to copyrighted content, the most straightforward (legal) way to gain access is through subscription-based websites or streaming services.

These websites or services are inexpensive and provide access to a large database of (popular) movies and television shows. Even if they don’t always have the most recent movies and shows, as many illegal streaming sites do, they have a pretty impressive collection. Below are some popular legal alternatives to 123Movies.

Streaming Services


Netflix is the most popular streaming service, with a large selection of movies and TV shows. This is why many people prefer Netflix. Furthermore, by using a VPN, you can expand your Netflix catalogue and watch more movies.

Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime is very similar to Netflix. It has a smaller database of movies and shows, but it might have the show you’re looking for. It is also significantly less expensive than Netflix.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is entirely dedicated to all things Disney, Marvel, and much more. It’s not just a great platform for fairy-tale fans; it also has a variety of other content. Popular Disney Plus titles include The Mandalorian, Glee, and Thor: Love and Thunder.


HBO Max is a new service that will undoubtedly expand its library in the future. It may not have as many movies and shows as Netflix (yet), but it does have some excellent shows such as Band of Brothers, The Sopranos, and Game of Thrones.


Hulu is excellent for watching live sports. It’s a little less expensive than Netflix, but it has fewer movies. If you’re looking for a streaming service that also offers a wide range of live sports, we recommend Hulu. In some countries, Hulu is not available; in these cases, you can access Hulu content via Disney Plus’s “Star,” or by using a VPN.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is pricey, but that’s because it works differently than other streaming services. Instead of having shown movies, it provides access to various TV networks. You can watch Fox, ESPN, ABC, and CBS with just one subscription.

Sling TV

Sling TV is most like YouTube TV. The difference is that Sling TV allows you to mix and match your network and channel line-up rather than providing them all at once.

Site Like 123Movies

Amazon Prime




CleverGet – Ultimate Video Downloader











Bmovies (Closed)



FMovies [Not Working]

HDO (Not Working)

Rainierland (Not Working)

SnagFilms (Shutdown)










Yify TV


Geographic Streaming Restrictions On 123Movies

Understand that not all of the legal alternatives listed above are available everywhere in the world. Some streaming services, such as Hulu, are only available in the United States, whereas others, such as HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, are only available in specific countries or have different library selections. You’ll need a good VPN to change your virtual location if you want to access these geo-restricted services from another country.

How to Access 123Movies?

The use of 123Movies is not legal everywhere, but in those areas where it is, people must take precautions to stay safe. Here’s how they do it:

  • They use a VPN service (such as Surfshark) as well as good antivirus software (for example Norton 360).
  • They make certain that they have access to a proper 123Movies mirror.

These people may Google the term “123Movies Mirror” when looking for a good mirror. However, because Google does not always display these mirrors in its search results, users may need to visit a site that displays a list of 123 movie mirrors.

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123Movies was a well-known illegal site that provided a streaming service. It allowed you to watch your favourite movies and television shows for free online. Even though the official site is no longer available, many people still wonder “is 123Movies safe?” because there are many similar sites that allow you to stream content.

In some parts of the world, 123Movies clone sites are considered illegal because they share copyrighted material without permission. If you live in a country where watching 123Movies is legal, you should always use good malware protection and a VPN like Surf shark to hide your true IP address when visiting such sites.

If watching 123 movies is illegal in your country, there are some excellent legal alternatives. Some even offer a free trial version. Check out our streaming page to learn more about these alternatives and how to circumvent geo-restrictions to watch them anywhere in the world.


The authorities and publishers of this article are not encouraging or promoting article to the viewers to watch pirated movies or to download movies from illegal channels or websites such as 123 Movies.com 2023 or website of this company. They never advise or feasible to do something this kind of work. They recommend viewers to watch movie online but only at that time when the public are satisfied with the legality of the channel or the website from which one they are streaming and watching movie online.

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