8 Perfect Career Paths for Any Driving Fanatic

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Looking for the perfect career path can be challenging, especially if you’ve recently graduated and still have no idea what you want to do. The best thing to do is choose a passion and explore careers within this niche, as job enjoyment is important. If you’re a driving fanatic and love all things motors, this list of careers will point you in the right direction.


The most obvious career path to take for anyone that loves driving is a driver. There are tons of different opportunities on the market, ranging from Amazon delivery drivers to taxi drivers, and many of them don’t require anything more than a standard driving license and a little company/local knowledge. Alternatively, if you prefer to handle larger vehicles, you can upgrade your driver’s license and check out these class b cdl driver jobs St. Louis here.


If you find what’s under the hood fascinating, then becoming a mechanic is the perfect career for you. Typically, you will start in a local garage or dealership service center. However, if you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset, you can embark on this career by opening your own garage and customizing cars your way.

Auto Sales

People need new cars every day, and they need people with a passion to sell them on the idea of a certain car. Even in the age of online shopping, there’s still something special about heading to the showroom to check out what’s new.

In this role, you’ll get to surround yourself with some of the latest models – which you’ll get to test drive – and you have the opportunity to talk about cars all day. If you’d make a great salesperson, the commission for auto sales can be extremely lucrative.

Automotive Engineer

New car models need to get their designs from somewhere, and this could be you. If you’ve got outstanding drawing skills and you understand physics, you can help design new products. Just think for a moment how incredible it would be, as a car enthusiast, to see your designs brought to life and driven on the road.

Automobile Marketer

How do you know about the latest cars from your favorite manufacturer? Marketing. If you have a creative flair that you can pair with your passion for driving and cars, you can enter the world of marketing. Whether you’re working with a dealership, manufacturer, or other service provider, you’ll get the opportunity to present the voice of an entire company to an entire audience.

To do well in this role, you’ll need to have an understanding of digital marketing strategies, social media platforms, and market research. As well as this, you’ll have to adapt quickly to the ever-changing rules of marketing.

Game Developer

If you know your way around different tech languages, you can translate your passion for driving into the digital space. Driving games are always popular — think Mario Kart, Forza, Dirt, and Need for Speed — and programming and designing video games are always sought-after roles. Given the versatility and scale of the gaming industry, you can bring driving to life in any shape or form. For example, the premise of Rocket League is playing football by driving remote control cars.


People love cars, and you know this better than anyone, so why not convert your passion by writing news for your peers? You don’t even need a traditional job to start this, as it’s extremely easy to start a blog and eventually monetize it. If you’re an expert in your niche, people will begin to recognize this with a little SEO (search engine optimization).

If the written word doesn’t sound like your style, there are plenty of alternatives these days. For example, you can set up a YouTube channel and speak directly to your fans. However, if you’re not a fan of being behind the camera, you can start a podcast and simply talk to your audience.


If you’ve got an academic mindset and the accolades to back up your knowledge of the motor world, you can become a teacher. There are countless colleges and universities that offer automotive classes, and they often involve hands-on as well as theoretical work. If you’re good at your craft, who knows, you may be responsible for educating the next generation of industry experts.

These are just a few of the careers that are well-suited to driving fanatics. Whichever path you choose to take, you should know that you may not find the perfect career straight away, so don’t be afraid to explore different avenues if something isn’t working out.

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