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Mark Zuckerberg is a renowned figure worldwide for inventing innovative creations. He is the owner of Facebook, and he has influenced several projects. We are going to discuss several factors regarding Mark Zuckerberg. It will go to conduct Mark Zuckerberg’s height, Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth, Mark Zuckerberg’s Family, Mark Zuckerberg’s Career, and other important details.

Mark Zuckerberg Photo


Full NameMark Elliot Zuckerberg
Nick NameZuck, Princely
Mark Zuckerberg date of birth 14th May, 1984
Age (as 2024)39 years
Native placeWhite Plains, New York
Mark Zuckerberg Zodiac SignTaurus  
HometownWhite Plains, New York
Food HabitNon vegetarian 
SchoolArdsley high school Phillips Exeter Academy
CollegeHarvard University 
Profession Businessperson  
ReligionBuddhism and Christanity 
Mark Zuckerberg Father’s nameEdward Zukerberg 
Mark Zuckerberg Mother’s nameKaren 
Mark Zuckerberg siblings3 sisters  
Mark Zuckerberg sister nameArielle, Rnadi, and Donna
SpousePriscilla Chan 


Mark Zuckerberg Birthday14th May

Physical Stats

Eye ColourHazel Grey
Hair ColourGoldish Brown 


Mark Zuckerberg Age39


Mark Zuckerberg Weight70kg
Wight in Pounds 154 lbs 


Mark Zuckerberg Height5.7”
Height in centimeter175 cm 
Height in meter1.75 m 


Mark Zuckerberg Education

Mark Zuckerberg started his education at Ardsley High School. Later, he was transferred to Philips Academy for further education. After completing his secondary education, he went to Harvard University to pursue higher education. This is the only place where he first introduced Facebook to his roommates. It is certainly an overwhelming incident for university students.  

SchoolArdsley high school Phillips Exeter Academy
UniversityHarvard University

Marital Status

Mark Zuckerberg is a famous personality who tied the knot with Chan on 19th May 2012. They extended their family in 2015 by giving birth to their first daughter, Maxima, in December 2015. Their younger daughter came into existence in March 2023.

Marital StatusMarried 
Mark Zuckerberg wife name Priscilla Chan 
Children 3 daughters Maxima, Aurelia 

Mark Zuckerberg Wife

Mark Zuckerberg Wife



Zuckerberg embarked on crafting a new website’s code in January 2004, marking the genesis of his project. Zuckerberg’s first debut was “,” which was a collaborative effort between him and his roommates.

Six days after its launch, Zuckerberg was accused of misleading people by a few seniors at Harvard University. Was claimed that he opined that it would be the first step in building up a social network named

Expressing their grievances to The Harvard Crimson, the university newspaper initiated an investigation in response to their claims. Amidst this, Zuckerberg made efforts to dissuade the editors from publishing the story. However, it came to light that he accessed the private login data logs from TheFacebook to enter two of the editors’ email accounts illicitly. This action drew attention and raised concerns.

After the official launch of the Facebook platform, the trio pursued legal action against Zuckerberg, resulting in a settlement. This revolution entailed compensation. According to it, approx. 1.2 billion needs to be shared with $20 cash.

Over time, Zuckerberg initially expanded Facebook beyond the university. They also expanded the presence of people on the platform. It reached Columbia, New York University, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, and more places.

Over time, they established their first office in mid-2004. Despite earlier contemplation of returning to Harvard, the allure of Silicon Valley’s innovative landscape influenced their decision to stay in California. This choice was reinforced by Zuckerberg’s reverence for the region’s prominence in the realm of computer technology.

Amid offers from prominent corporations seeking to acquire Facebook, Zuckerberg emphasized their refusal, expressing a priority beyond financial gain.

Other projects 

Soon after Zuckerberg introduced Facebook in February 2004, another campus-exclusive platform, i2hub, engineered by Wayne Chang, emerged, focusing on peer-to-peer file sharing. Both i2hub and Facebook rapidly gained traction, attracting press attention and amassing growing user bases. 

In 2004, Wirehog was launched with the efforts of Zuckerberg and his companions Andrew McCollum and Sean Parker. It evolved with Facebook in 2007, and this year, it was officially launched.

In 2013, Zuckerberg introduced, which aims to exceed internet access. Over time, approximately 5 billion people accessed it. However, this is one of the essential and significant projects that resisted in India.

In response, Zuckerberg defended the initiative by asserting that limited internet access was superior to none. Despite this, ceased operations in India in February 2016.

Zuckerberg arranged a meeting with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to explore some potential alternative avenues. In 2016, he aimed to develop the Solar Sail spacecraft with the help of Yuri Minister and famous physician Stephen Hawking.

Mark Zuckerberg Sister

Mark Zuckerberg Sister

Social Media

LinkedIn NA
Pinterest NA

Early Life

Mark Zuckerberg, an American businessman, was born in 1984 on 14 May in White Plains. Mark Zuckerberg’s father, Edward Zuckerberg, is a dentist, while his mother, Nee Kempner, is a psychiatrist.

He has three sisters named Arielle, Rnadi, and Donna. When it comes to Mark Zuckerberg’s school life, he started his primary education at Ardsley High School, and later, he was transferred to Phillips Academy. After completing his secondary education, he was admitted to Harvard University.

Zuckerberg’s journey into computing began during his middle school years, delving into software and computer usage. His knack for technology was evident in high school when he developed a groundbreaking program. 

Mark Zuckerberg Family

Mark Zuckerberg Family

Harvard University is a remarkable place as it introduced one of the famous social media platforms, Facebook. This incident had a significant effect on the careers of Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. 

In their earlier college years, he started gaining popularity as one of the students on Harvard Network Switches discovered the truth. They started accessing the internet, and their photos can be used without permission. It caused big trouble for him, and he apologized in front of everyone.  

It facilitated communication between computers spanning from his home to his father’s dental office. During this time, he devoted efforts to crafting the Synapse Media Player, a music player integrated with machine learning capabilities.

Mark Zuckerberg Wife Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg Wife Priscilla Chan

This innovative creation garnered attention, earning a respectable 3 out of 5 rating from PC Magazine. It made its mark on platforms like Slashdot. His passion for technology set him apart. While many indulged in computer games, Zuckerberg was busy creating them.


A few students of Harvard University accused him of his work and compelled him to help them create a social network, In 2004, a lawsuit went against Zuckerberg, although it was dismissed in 2007. 

It prompted a subsequent federal court filing in Boston. Facebook retaliated with a countersuit related to the alleged collaboration between ConnectU and i2hub under The Winklevoss Chang Group’s project.

In 2005, another lawsuit arrived against him from Zukerberg‘s cofounder Eduardo Saverin, claiming that Zukerberg was investing his money illegally. As a result, it was settled out of court with a discussion.

Pakistan Criminal Investigation

In 2010, a significant investigation was prompted by a “Draw Muhammad” contest hosted on Facebook. It also implicates an anonymous German woman associated with the event. Sidiqque urged law enforcement in Pakistan to involve Interpol in the pursuit of arresting Zuckerberg. 

As a result, on May 19, 2010, Pakistan temporarily blocked access to Facebook until the contest was removed from the platform by the end of that month. Sidiqque sought to elevate the issue to the United Nations. He requested its representative to address the matter in the UN General Assembly.

Rejection of Meta’s Proposal

Court records claim that Zuckerberg personally turned down Meta’s suggestions aimed at enhancing the mental health of teenagers. These documents imply a consistent opposition from Zuckerberg. 

Its initiatives are geared towards improving well-being on Facebook and Instagram. This resistance allegedly superseded the recommendations of high-ranking executives. It includes Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, and Global Affairs President Nick Clegg. 

These ongoing legal proceedings initiated in Massachusetts have unveiled internal communications portraying Zuckerberg’s reluctance. It aims to protect over 30 million teenage users on Instagram in the United States. 

They underscore Zuckerberg’s significant influence over Meta’s decision-making processes that impact billions of users. Furthermore, these records illuminate occasional conflicts between Zuckerberg and other Meta officials who advocated for prioritizing the enhancement of user well-being.


Mark Zuckerberg is a famous name worldwide because of his innovative works. He is the one who introduced the first social media platform, named Facebook. As he had a great interest in the program from his earlier days, he chose it as a profession. Internet got a different way with his hand as he expanded the network where a wide number of people were involved. He also developed a solar sail spacecraft with the help of Minister Yuri and famous physician Stephen Hawking. Zuckerberg has an immense influence on Diem Cryptocurrency, which has become beneficial for a vast number of people. Thus, the influence of Zuckerberg on the network and social media platforms cannot be ignored.


Mark Zuckerberg House Kauai Island, Hawaii

Car Collection

Car names
Honda Fit 
Acura TSX 
VW Golf GTI 
Infiniti G25 

Monthly Income

Mark Zuckerberg earns approx. $1 billion in a month as per the report.

Net Worth

Mark Zukerberg’s current net worth is approx. $12.8 billion.

Net Worth 2020Unknown
Net Worth 2021Unknown
Net Worth 2022$123 billion
Net Worth 2023$123 billion 
Mark Zukerberg Net Worth 2024$12.8 billion


Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

Ans: Mark is the one who introduced the first social media, Facebook. He also developed several programs and networks for the next generations. 

How old is Mark Zuckerberg?

Ans: Mark age is 39 as of 2023. 

Where did Mark Zuckerberg go to high school?

Ans: Mark completed his higher secondary education at Philips Exeter Academy.

Where does Mark Zuckerberg live?

Ans: Mark lives in Kauai Island, Hawaii. 

How much is Mark Zuckerberg worth?

Ans: Zuckerberg net worth is approx. $128 billion 

Who did Zuckerberg screw over?

Ans: Eduardo Saverin screw over Mark Zukerberg. 

How much of Facebook does Mark Zuckerberg own?

Ans: Zuckerberg owns 29.3% of Facebook. 

How tall is Mark Zuckerberg?

Ans: Mark Zuckerberg is 5.7 inches tall. 

What religion is Mark Zuckerberg?

Ans: Zuckerberg belongs to Christianity and Buddhism. 

Is Zuckerberg the owner of WhatsApp?

Ans: Mark is not the owner of WhatsApp. 

Is Mark the owner of Instagram?

Ans: Mark is not the owner of Instagram.

Is Mark Zuckerberg color blind?

Ans: Zuckerberg suffers from red and green color blindness. 

Is Mark Zuckerberg a hacker?

Ans: Mark is a hacker. 

How did Mark Zuckerberg make money from Facebook?

Ans: Mark earns from Facebook by advertising. 

How to contact Mark Zuckerberg directly?

Ans: One can contact Zuckerberg at or

At what age did Mark Zuckerberg start Facebook?

Ans: At the age of 19Mark started Facebook.

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