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MC Stan, the talented hip-hop artist from Pune, Maharashtra, has taken the Indian Rap scene by storm. Born as Altaf Shaikh on August 30, 1999, he has become one of the most controversial rappers in Desi Hip-Hop. With his debut track “Wata” in 2018, he began his musical journey and has since released numerous hit songs. His latest single “Shana Bann” dominates the Indian Rap charts, solidifying his position as a popular rapper in the country. MC Stan is a force in the music industry with a plethora of songs to his credit.

MC Stan Photo

MC Stan Photo


NameMC Stan
MC Stan Real NameAltaf Shaikh
Height5 Feet 7 inches
Weight65 kg
Birthday30th August 1999
BirthplacePune, Maharashtra
Eye colourBlack
Shoe size8 Inches
ProfessionRapper and Singer
Net worth$10 Million


MC Stan, the gifted artist, was born on the auspicious day of August 30, 1999. Every year, he joyfully celebrates his special day on the same date. As November 2023 approaches, this extraordinary individual has gently accepted the age of 24.


He reached the age of 24 as of November 2023.

MC Stan Age24 Years


MC Stan Height5′ Feet 7′ Inches
Height in Centimeter171 Centimeter
Height in Meter1.71 meter


MC Stan Weight65 kg
Weight in pounds143 lbs


MCStan, the well-known rapper, began his career in high school. Despite not finishing his studies, he found success early. He is a music business force, with 2.81 million YouTube subscribers. He is a leader who demonstrates the strength of determination and perseverance.

Stan faced numerous problems as a member of a middle-class household with little means. His strong work ethic and determination, however, propelled him to great success. Against all odds, he lived an exceptional life and left an indelible mark on rap.

Academic achievementN/A


MCStan’s rap career has taken off as he captivates the online world with his fantastic lyrics. He has certainly built a reputation for himself on YouTube, where he has over 225 thousand subscribers.

But his abilities do not end there. Soon, he’ll be making his impact in the film industry, showing his distinct rapping technique in Hindi. He stands out from the crowd by seamlessly blending diverse musical genres with his fascinating lyrical skills.

Surprisingly MCStan does not regard himself solely as a rapper. He imagines himself as an emcee, someone who is skilled with the microphone. His introduction to the world of rap began in the sixth grade when he began listening to rap music despite the fact that he did not understand English at the time.

His perseverance, on the other hand, drove him to enroll in English classes, which enabled him to comprehend and appreciate English rap music. He began rapping for himself in the eighth grade. And success began to flow in after the release of his single “Wata” in 2018.

“Khuja Mat,” one of his most popular songs, has received over 35 million views on YouTube, strengthening his fan base. His fans’ affection and support got even stronger with the release of songs like “Aastaghfirullah.”

His fame transcends boundaries since he has a sizable fan base in both India and Pakistan. His influence on the Indian hip-hop scene is evident, with acclaimed rapper Raftaar dubbing him the “hero of Indian hip-hop.” This sentiment is shared by many other Indian rappers.

MCStan, who has 1.9 million Instagram followers, continues to fascinate fans with his distinct style and tremendous talent. His career as a rapper is far from ending, and the world impatiently awaits what he has in store next.

Social Media

Stan, the renowned rapper hailing from Pune, is making waves on social media with his massive following.

Instagram10.7M Followers
Facebook133K Followers
Twitter149.8K Followers
Youtube8.7M Subscriber

Family and Personal Life

Stan’s journey began on August 30th, 1999, in Pune, Maharashtra, under the sign of Virgo. Living near Tadiwala Road in Pune, he was surrounded by the city’s lively energy. While his parents’ names are unknown, one thing is certain: Stan is blessed with a loving and supporting family. 

They have stuck by his side through thick and thin, encouraging him toward his aspirations of becoming a well-known rapper. He is now regarded as one of India’s most brilliant and independent hip-hop performers, enthralling audiences with his lyrical prowess and dynamic stage presence.


MC Stan girlfriend, Niya, is a multi-talented artist who excels at rapping, music composition, and business. She has appeared in his music videos and is well-known for her rapping abilities in Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Marathi. Niya founded the production business HIGHGANG as well. 

He previously had a romantic relationship with another rapper named Auzma Shaikh. Unfortunately, their romance came to an end when Auzma publicly disclosed both of their addresses on social media. A complaint was filed against MCStan as a result of this, and the police are currently examining the case. Prioritizing justice and safety for all those involved is critical.

Big Boss 16

Salman Khan was overjoyed to have MCStan on Bigg Boss Season 16, as he brought a hip-hop flair to the show. During the debut, MCStan, also known as “Basti ka hasti,” made a big impression. Salman Khan was ecstatic to meet him, and MCStan mocked him by declaring that he is the boss. 

MCStan’s expensive style drew everyone’s attention, as he wore shoes and a neckpiece worth between 60 and 70 lakhs. Details about his planned events have been revealed, heightening interest in his ascension to celebrity.

Kapil Sharma Show

MCStan made an appearance on Kapil Sharma’s popular show. Kapil Sharma relished in sharing a compelling video clip starring the rap phenomenon prior to the episode’s premiere.

80 Thousand Sneakers

He made a dramatic appearance in a riveting live video that took place in August 2021, exhibiting his incredible collection of shoes. “These shoes are worth 80 thousand, a whopping 80 thousand!” he boasted with certainty. He had no idea that this enthralling moment would quickly become an internet hit, as the video spread like wildfire, capturing the hearts of viewers all over the world.

Song List

Enjoy the amazing world of MCStan’s music with the simple mp3 download tool available on every web browser.

Song nameYear
Nusta Paisa2023
How to hate2022
Fuckk love2022
Basti Ka Hasti2022
Shana Bann2022
Kal Hai Mera Show2022
Maa Baap2022
One Day Uh Gonna Pay2022
Broke Is A Joke2021
Inn Log Ne Maare2021
I’m Done2021
Kahan Par Hai2021
Ek Din Pyaar2020
MCStan Type Beat2020
Hosh Mai Aa2020
Khuja Mat2019
Yede Ki Chadar2019

Web Series

The famous rapper, MCStan, impressed audiences with his amazing talent in fascinating videos. His unusual flair and unmistakable charisma captivated spectators. Despite being featured on different shows, it was remarkable that he had yet to star in a web series.

Net Worth

Net worth is the overall value of an entity’s assets, which includes money, property, and other valuable objects. He rose to stardom as a rapper and made a lot of money in a short period of time. According to rumors, his net worth exceeds $10 million in US dollars.

MC Stan Net worth 2023$10 million Approx.
Net worth 2022$8 million Approx.
Net worth 2021$6.7 million Approx.
Net worth 2020$3.9 million Approx.
Net worth 2019$2.6 million Approx.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is mc stan?

Altaf Shaikh, better known by his stage name MC Stan, is a popular hip-hop artist from Pune, Maharashtra. He was born on August 30, 1999, and is well known in the Indian and Desi Hip-Hop music communities as one of the most argumentative rappers.

Who is Mc Stan Buba?

The rapper gave his girlfriend Anam Sheikh the nickname Buba, as stated in the report.

Who is Booba mc stan?

MC Stan, the well-known rapper, enthralled a slew of fans with his rap abilities. He referred to one of his lovers, Anam Shaikh, as booba, despite the fact that she is 25 years old.

What is the real name of mc stan?

Stan’s real name is Altaf Sheikh.

What is the price of mc stan chain?

He dressed himself with diamond chains and rings worth Rs. 1.5 crore during Bigg Boss season 16.

Who is the winner of bigg boss 16 mc stan?

MC Stan was the Bigg Boss 16 winner, receiving a car as well as Rs. 31.80 lakh.

Where is mc stan from?

MC Stan is from Pune, Maharashtra.

Where does mc stan live?

The exact location of his home is unknown, however according to the source, he lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Why mc stan is famous?

MC Stan, a well-known rapper from Pune, rose to prominence due to his remarkable b-boying and beatboxing abilities. He began his musical career at the juvenile age of 12.

When is mc stan’s birthday?

30 August is the birthday of Stan.

Who is mc stan’s girlfriend?

According to the report, MC Stan’s girlfriend’s name is Anam Sheikh, who the rapper refers to as Buba.

What is the meaning of mc stan?

Altaf Shaikh, a well-known Indian hip-hop rapper, goes by the stage name MC Stan.

Who is mc stan’s father?

His father’s name is undisclosed.

When was mc stan born?

He was born in Pune, Maharashtra on August 30, 1999.

MC Stan religion?

Altaf Tadavi or Altaf Shaikh is known as MC Stan whose religion is Islam.

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