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The well-known actress, who became popular as Aquaman’s leading lady, has embraced motherhood since giving birth to her daughter Oonagh Paige Heard on April 8, 2021. After her breakup with actor Johnny Depp, she revealed the birth of her adorable child on Instagram three months later and stated that she was going to parent on her terms.

Heard has a unique meaning for her daughter’s name; Paige, her middle name, is a loving homage to her late mother. Amber Heard made subtle references to her daughter’s presence during the court dispute with Depp, highlighting her resolve to put her position as a loving mother first.

After the trial, Amber and Oonagh have found comfort and stability in Madrid, Spain. Amber has shared how happy she is to be spending more time with her baby and how committed she is to accepting the duties that come with being a full-time parent. Her posts on social media, where she frequently refers to Oonagh Paige as her “mini-me” and marks important parenting milestones, reveal her intense love for her child.

Oonagh Paige Heard Photo

Oonagh Paige Heard Photo


Full NameOonagh Paige Heard
Nick NameOonagh Paige
Date of BirthApril 8, 2021
Age (as of 2023)2 years
BirthplaceAustin, Texas, U.S
Zodiac SignAries
HometownAustin, Texas, U.S
Oonagh Paige Heard MotherAmber Heard
Oonagh Paige Heard FatherUnknown
Net WorthN/A


On April 8, 2021, Amber Heard gave birth to her baby, Oonagh Paige. The carefully organized and introverted nature of Amber Heard’s parenthood journey demonstrated her uncompromising will to make this life-changing choice on her terms. She made a subtle reference to her decision to use surrogacy as a way to realize her lifelong goal of having children.

The adoption of “Paige” as a middle name to Oonagh Paige’s name has a sentimental and unique meaning. It pays heartfelt tribute to Paige Heard, Amber’s cherished late mother, who sadly went away in May 2020. 

This choice strengthens the emotional bond between Amber’s past and the future she hopes to share with Oonagh, highlighting the great importance Amber places on her family history.


Oonagh Paige Heard Age2 years


Oonagh Paige Heard’s height remains undisclosed by her mother, Amber, even on the internet.

Oonagh Paige Heard HeightUnknown


Amber, Oonagh Paige Heard’s mother, has not revealed her weight, not even online.

Oonagh Paige Heard’s weightUnknown


Oonagh Paige Heard is a lovely two-year-old toddler who has not yet started attending school or college.


Oonagh Paige Heard Playing With Mother

Oonagh Paige Heard Playing With Mother

Social Media

Amber Heard tries to keep her private life hidden from the public because she values her privacy. Particularly hidden is her daughter, with little information or images shared on social media. Given the ongoing public spotlight she endures and her wish to protect her loved ones from unwelcome attention, this decision makes sense. Rather, she focuses her energies on advancing both her art and important causes.


Early Life

Oonagh Paige Heard sets out on an amazing voyage at the age of two, full of limitless opportunities. She is an Aries, with a fiery personality and unwavering determination, having been born in August 2023. Oonagh Paige’s early years are filled with wonder and curiosity as she bravely travels the world. She grows and learns something new every day, setting the stage for an infinitely exciting future.


In a heartfelt respect to her mother, whom she characterized as a kind, giving, and compassionate person, Amber Heard posted on Instagram. 

She also talked about how she decided to become a surrogate after learning she couldn’t conceive a child to encourage and assist other ladies going through comparable difficulties. 

Though Oonagh Paige Heard’s real father is unknown, rumors have connected Elon Musk, an entrepreneur, to the situation, as it is possible that there may be a connection to her.

As Amber Heard starts on a life-changing journey into parenthood and feels the enormous delight that her kid offers, Oonagh Paige represents a key turning point in her life.


Who is Oonagh Paige heard father?

Oonagh Paige’s father’s identity continues to be undisclosed as Amber announced the birth of her daughter but purposefully withheld the paternity from the public.

Who are the parents of Oonagh Paige Heard?

Rumors that Amber Heard is Elon Musk’s child have been sparked by their connection and this has been exacerbated by previous legal problems involving frozen embryos. As she loves parenting and values her daughter’s existence, Oonagh Paige marks a pivotal moment in Amber’s life.

Who is the father of Amber Heard’s baby?

Oonagh Paige, Amber Heard’s baby’s father, has chosen to remain anonymous. In July 2021, she announced the birth of her daughter but purposefully withheld the paternity from the public. The public and media were intrigued and interested in this choice, which generated a lot of conjecture.
The millionaire businessman Elon Musk, who was once linked to Amber Heard, was the focus of much conjecture over Oonagh Paige’s paternity. It was well known that Musk and Heard were dating and that in 2020, they were embroiled in a legal battle over frozen embryos.

Does Amber Heard have a child?

Yes, and Oonagh Paige Heard is the name of Amber Heard’s newly born daughter.

Who is Amber Heard’s baby daddy?

During the birth of her daughter, Amber Heard had Oonagh Paige Heard by her side, even though they were divorced. The birth was made possible with the help of surrogacy. Despite the end of her marriage to Johnny Depp, Amber is deeply filled with love by her daughter’s appearance, and Oonagh’s arrival has brought joy to their lives. The true identity of Oonagh Paige Heard’s biological father is still unknown, but there are several unconfirmed rumors linking the billionaire businessman Elon Musk to the speculation.

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