Animal Movie Box Office Collection Day 1 to 25, Release Date, Cast, Budget, Exclusive

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Animal Movie Box Office Collection: The Animal is one of the newest Indian movies in the Hindi language, and it was released in 2023. Although it was officially declared in 2021, it was formally released in 2023.

The movie is booming in India as well as abroad. On the other hand, the film stars a number of celebrities in the Bollywood industry, leading it to stand at the top of the list. In this article, we are going to discuss all the details of the Animal. It will include animal release date, cast, budget, collection, and other information.

Animal Movie Release Date

Movie name ANIMAL
Release date1st December, 2023
Cast Ranbir Kapoor, Rasmika Mandana, Tripti Dimri, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol 
Director’s name Sandeep Reddy, Vanga 
Producer’s nameBhushan Kumar, Pranay Reddy Vanga, Krishan Kumar, Murad khetani 
Movie timing 3 Hr 21 min 
Budget 100 crores

Animal Box Office Collection

ANIMAL is one of the latest movies that is successfully running at the box office; when it comes to the collection, the movie has crossed the budget within two days at the box office. Not only in India, but the film is running successfully in other countries.

ANIMAL movie was officially declared in 2021. They determined to release the film in August 2023. Due to some issues, it was released in 2023. After releasing songs from the movies, it received a great response from fans. In standard and IMAX formats, this movie is released in different languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu.

On the first day, the movie collected approx. 63.8 crores in India. On the second day, it crossed 66 cores in Indian rupees. In the first week, it earned a total of approx. 337.58 crores, while in the second week, it earned 139.26 crores.

In the third week, it earned approx. 55 crores. Based on its total earnings in 25 days, it collected approx. 536.51 crores in India. When it comes to ANIMAL movies’ worldwide earnings, they crossed $103.3 million.

Animal Movie Box Office Collection From Day 1st To 25th Day

Number of daysDaysNet collection
Day 1Friday 63.8 crores 
Day 2Saturday66.27 crores 
Day 3Sunday72 crores 
Day 4Monday44 crores
Day 5Tuesday37.41 crores 
Day 6Wednesday30.40 crores 
Day 7Thursday25 crores 
Day 8Friday22.96 crores 
Day 9Saturday34.75 crores 
Day 10Sunday36 crores 
Day 11Monday 13.86 crores 
Day 12Tuesday 12.72 crores 
Day 13Wednesday10.26 crores 
Day 14Thursday8 crores 
Day 15Friday8 crores 
Day 16Saturday12.10 crores 
Day 17Sunday 15 crores 
Day 18Monday5.75 crores 
Day 19Tuesday5.5 crores 
Day 20Wednesday5 crores 
Day 21Thursday2.50 crores 
Day 22Friday1.65 crores 
Day 23Saturday2.18 crores 
Day 24Sunday2.20 crores 
Day 25Monday.35 crores 
Animal Movie Box Office Collection
Animal Movie Box Office Collection

Animal Movie Cast

The ANIMAL movie gained success not only due to its story but also to its cast. Some top personalities in the Bollywood and Tamil film industries are involved in the movie. 

The story of the ANIMAL movie is powerfully portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor, Rasmika Mandana, Tripti Dimri, Anil Kapoor, and Bobby Deol. These are some renowned personalities in the Tamil and Bollywood Film industry. 

On the 25th day of the release day of ANIMAL, this is running in a total of 25 theatres in India. The movie emerged as a formidable contender and captivated viewers with its storyline.

Animal Movie Budget

Regarding the budget of ANIMAL, it is made in 100 crores. As it substantially invested in the movie, it had an immense expectation. But the film has crossed its budget on the second day at the box office. 

Amidst a varied reception from critics, “Animal” garnered commendation for its narrative depth and high-octane action. The standout performance by Kapoor, yet, amidst the accolades, certain critics took issue with its perceived misogynistic undertones.

The film did not look out at critical dichotomy and earned 859.53 crores, which is $110 million. Moreover, it secured the third position at the “Highest-grossing Indian Films” in 2023. claims the ninth position overall, and notably, it emerged as the top-grossing A-rated Indian film in history. 

The movie has received mixed reviews due to its storyline. For instance, a few viewers stated that the story of the movie is based on patriarchy, while a few said it’s an amazing film. 

In conclusion, despite different opinions, it reached a milestone within a short time. ANIMAL remains a compelling chapter in the Bollywood industry.

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